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07/28/2014 - Earnest Goes to Camp (1987)

Ernest Goes to Camp(1987)
Ernest Goes to Camp
This Week: Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)

A group of juvenile criminals is sent for vacation to Kamp Kikakee. The clumsy Ernest has to care for them, although he doesn't even know how to take care of himself.

Ernest (Jim Varney) gets a job as a fix-it man at a summer camp for troubled boys, but what he really wants to be is a counselor. This juvenile comedy, filled with potty humor and slapstick, chronicles his campaign to get a promotion. A consummate bungler, he ends up causing all kinds of comical chaos. Fortunately, he also ends up helping many of the campers.
Starring: Jim Varney, Victoria Racimo, John Vernon
Genre: Comedy | Family
Rated: PG
Running Time: 92 minutes
10:00 PM