Kung-Fu Theater!

Kung Fu Theater

Kung-Fu Theater - a continuing series of martial arts cult classics every 2nd Wednesday of the month @ Brewvies. This month we present - The Mystery of Chess Boxing (1979)!

Lee Yi Min stars as an eager young Kung Fu student who seeks to improve his fighting skills with an aim to avenge his father's murder at the hands of the Ghost Face Killer, an overwhelming force of destruction and master of the death-dealing Five Element Fist. Lee Yi Min's eagerness to study attracts the attention of the Master of Chess Boxing, Jack Long - Ghost Face Killer's arch enemy. Together, master and student devise a wicked cross fertilization of the Chess Boxing and Five Element Fist styles and set out to put an end to Ghost Face's deadly reign.
When first released on New York's 42nd Street, the movie caused near riots and played for two years! When we last played this uber chop-socky cult classic at Brewvies back in 2015, thankfully there were no riots, but but you could easily hear the howls of excitement from the theater crowd out in the lobby! If you missed that infamous screening, now is your chance to catch this insane slice of Kung-Fu mania on the big screen once again!

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Starring: Jack Long, Yi-Min Li, Kuan-Wu Lung
Genre: Martial Arts
Rated: NR
Running Time: 90 minutes
7:00pm (doors open)