Kung-Fu Theater!

Kung Fu Theater

Kung-Fu Theater - a continuing series of martial arts cult classics every 2nd Wednesday of the month @ Brewvies. This month we bring to the screen one of the weirdest titles in the Wuxia genre - The Battle Wizard!

Tuan Yu (Danny Lee from John Woo's The Killer) loves books. His sister Mu Wan-Ching loves swordplay. Together they must face the fierce warrior Red Python, a sinuous snake-charmer as well as a silk-masked beauty (who must kill or wed the first man to see her face) before they can bring peace to their battle-addled family...
A very strange production from the Shaw Brothers, and easily one of the most bizarre Kung-Fu / Wuxia films to ever grace the screen, The Battle Wizard has lasers, a giant crimson rubber python, flying snake-fu fight choreography, poison-drinking bandits, crazy battles galore, and probably the most laughable killer ape in cinema history... Don't miss this one time free screening, and leave with smoking holes where your eyes were!
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Starring: Danny Lee, Ni Tien, Chen Chi Lin
Genre: Martial Arts
Rated: NR
Running Time: 77 minutes
7:00pm (doors open)